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WordPress tips and best practices to think about in 2021

With the onset of a new year, it is time to reconsider your business approach. The world is going digital and so should you, and the best way to do that is to hire a WordPress designer in Kolkata to help you build an awesome website. 

WordPress is to date the best website builder and is perfect for beginners. And what makes it even more alluring and favorite is because this is free. You can build a website for any purpose with it and also get the flexibility to customize your WordPress page as you may like it. 

How does WordPress work?

WordPress gives you full freedom to design, add content, and other add-ons very easily. This software separates all these features from each other such that whenever redefining your websites you can make individualistic changes and not altering whole sections. 

Designing in WordPress is mainly based on 3 ways, which are as follows:

  • Add content: with the help of its block editor, you can add relevant content to your website. 
  • Designing your web page: apart from having thousands of pre-built templates WordPress designers in Kolkata can develop their template and save it as a theme. But you will not be just restricted to it, each of the templates comes with customization options. 
  • Add add-ons: now you can easily add new features to your website with WordPress plugins. Some of the best plugins that can be associated with this application are, WooCommerce, OptinMonster, and so on. 

Yes, designing in WordPress is easy, but knowing if you are headed in the correct direction can be the changing factor. As stated, WordPress offers bundles of features and the challenge lies in selecting the ones that are best suited for you. 

So here we have listed down, some of the best tips and tricks that are widely accepted by some of the best web development services and will prove to be beneficial for the budding developers. 

  • Select the correct hosting plan

Doesn’t matter how innovative your WordPress page is, without a hosting plan or platform it is futile. The hosting plan will determine how well your webpage will perform and also is responsible for handling traffic, offer fast speeds, avoid crashes, and so on. There are several WordPress-specific hosting partners that make your setup a tad bit easier.

  • Always make changes in a tested environment

Thinking about doing some changes or updating your website? Then you need to follow the footsteps of some of the best web designing services in Kolkata. These companies always make a trial run in a controlled and tested environment so that if the website crashes, they can modify their update and make it relevant to the actual website. 

  • Give importance to SEO plugins

SEO plays a crucial role in determining the success of your webpage. If you do not produce SEO optimize content then it will not show up in the SERPs and thus result in lesser revenues. So, if you are no tech genius, then it is ideal to take some help from web development services and produce SEO-optimized content. Or else, WordPress also allows you to install SEO plugins. These plugins prove to be very beneficial as it helps to analyze the content and the keywords and lets you know your actual web presence. 

  • Make it mobile-friendly

If you are using the latest version then your webpage is automatically mobile-friendly. However, if you are customizing or developing your own, then you must consider making them mobile-friendly. With many people spending their time on mobiles, you must generate a website that suits their needs, otherwise, you might just lose a lot of business.

  • Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an invaluable tool providing real-time data of your performance. You can easily install it from WordPress plugins. With Google Analytics you can check how many people are visiting your page, how long they are staying, how many visits are getting converted to leads and thereby customers, and so on. 

  • Make your site fast

We never like to hang around a sluggish website. So, make sure your website is fast enough to block the customer’s interest. By using compressed images and other media files and by reducing and selecting only the necessary plugins will keep your website fast. 

Being so flexible WordPress is quite famous among the best web designing service in Kolkata. You can span wings of imagination and create a master website. From using to make a blog to make a platform for your small business, or create an online learning portal, you are eligible to do it all. Additionally, WordPress contains thousands of pre-made plugins that you can easily use, or you can always contact the best web development services to make it for you.