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The new rules of content marketing 2021

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Content marketing is the new trend for promoting a product, brand, or service. But the world of content marketing is dynamic. This is not something where you follow certain guidelines and get the expected result. Especially with digital marketing, the quality of the content has become of key importance in branding, generating leads, and even plays a vital role in sales across all inbound and outbound channels. 

According to the best digital marketing consultant in Kolkata, the key to prospering in content marketing is rapid adaptation. The brands that fine-tune their strategies based on their buyer’s needs, and adapt accordingly are more likely to survive among their competitors. 

Here we list down some of the proven strategies adopted by marketing agencies in Kolkata for effective content marketing. 

  • Content quality

Based on the recent data, it is seen that Google prioritizes content quality over content length. Back in 2020, it was a misconception that if your content is not long enough, it won’t appear on the first pages of the Google search. But this is a wrong notion. Comprehensive contents of comprehensive lengths are much more likely to pop initially as compared to long contents. Google has and still pushes the articles of contents that answers best the user’s query, and thus your content should not be all about length. 

  • Topical authority

Content marketing will move on from keyword searches to topical authority. This means that Google will give priority to those contents which are proving your expertise and rather than link building. So, rather than pushing for content based around one keyword, digital marketing companies in Kolkata are pushing for in-depth content that perfectly narrates and depicts the contents of your page. 

  • The search intent

With Google getting smarter, the focus shifted to the intent behind every search. So, in 2021, focusing on the search intent behind every keyword must be of prime focus. So, the digital marketing company in Kolkata is constantly focusing on understanding the motive behind every search. By understanding the intention, you can build your content around it and this will get your content pushed and rank well in the SERPs. 

  • Good traffic over empty traffic

To understand this, you must have thorough knowledge about your website traffic. Your website may have a truckload of traffic but this doesn’t really signify converting to leads. This is known as empty traffic. Hence you must not be just ranked as number 1 but be number 1 in your specified search domain. That’s why marketing agencies these days are focused more on producing content for the target audience bearing in mind the relevancy and intent of the keyword search. 

  • Optimize your old content

Your past content must not be discarded. With just a little help from a digital marketing company, you can optimize your old ones to match the new demands. It is also easier provided you already have a loyal customer base. All one needs to do is boost your keyword search as per the new rules along with providing other creative stuff. You can optimize your old content by adding photographs, infographics, videos, and other like stuff that will provide your old content with a brand-new look. 

  • Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a new trend. Customers tend to believe in real-life customers rather than just believing in normal marketing. In nowadays times, 92% of customers believe the influencers they follow, and hence this is a proven strategy to generate revenue. First, evaluate the criteria you need in your influencer and then build your marketing strategy around it. 

  • Produce value content

There are thousands of contents doing the rounds every day. Make sure your content imparts value to your targeted audience. Creating valuable content will need you to understand your customer needs and what do they demand from your brand. 

  • Diversify your content

You can also diversify your content to generate more leads. Producing new content will check your users from boredom and also be appealing to them. Hiring the best digital marketing company in Kolkata will provide you with all the minds to generate appropriate yet diverse content. Also, diversify your way of producing content. Some users, like audio and videos as opposed to texts. So maintaining a balance between the type and kind of content will also generate your web traffic.