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The Essential Local SEO Strategy Guide

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A ‘near me’ search is very important for small businesses. Thus, comes to play local SEO that helps small business to get the maximum reach locally. Without a locally SEO-optimized platform, you might lose potential customers who are looking for your product or services. Hence, local SEO is very critical if you want to sustain the competition. Marketing agencies in Kolkata are all well equipped to provide you the best services that can help your business going.

So, whether you are a local business owner or a marketer, through local SEO you can generate both online and offline leads. Especially for brick and motor stores, local SEO helps you interact with your community properly and this can, in turn, transform into higher revenues. 

Here we list down some proven local SEO tips which by adhering to can help your business to grow. 

  • Optimizing your Google My Business account

The first step in optimizing local SEO is getting listed and optimizing your Google My Business account. Most of the local customers are looking for business addresses and contact details to have a more personalized approach. This free page helps you to generate a platform with all the necessary details and also promoting it. Google will verify your account and provide you with all the necessary data that will help you in creating future marketing strategies. To make sure your account is optimized, you must:

  • Get your account verified by Google. 
  • Ensure the details provided are accurate and are always updated. 
  • Add relevant photos, videos, and most importantly your business logo. 
  • Make sure to receive reviews from your customers as this will help your business grow. 
  • Communicate with the feedbacks. 


  • Engage in social media

Social media marketing is another key aspect of improving your local SEO. Marketing agencies in Kolkata can guide you in creating the perfect social media and also sync it with your google my business account. Google tends to promote pages that are properly linked with other social accounts. So, linking or posting your google my business page details over your social media is sure to generate more leads, and thereby revenue. 

  • Make your contact information is consistent

As stated, make sure you are available to your customers. And for this, you must ensure your NAP, i.e., name, address and phone number is consistent across the whole page. Some of the best SEO service providers suggest that making your contact information available in HTML text form and not just limiting it to some pictures. Add your NAP to the header or the footer on your page. This helps the search engine to boost your local SEO. 

  • Basic business data

Having and keeping a clear knowledge about all your business is also very important. By making an organized spreadsheet about your business locations will give you an insight into your performance. If you are collaborating with multiple practitioners then make sure to enlist all such details in the spreadsheet. Such collaborations and organization will render you the opportunity to work with Google’s bulk upload functionality and increase local SEO. 

  • Audit of the local SEO

If you are thinking that after setting up all the necessary strategies you are done, then you are all wrong. SEO is a dynamic world and you need to be constant updated with all the necessary requirements. For this, you must audit the latest trends and needs to know what are the latest trends. This gives you an indication of the performance of your website as compared to your competitors' sites. Your local SEO audit can include:

  • How your webpage appears on the SERPs?
  • Is your page crawlable or contains errors that might disrupt indexing?
  • Are all the citations correct?
  • How is your site performing compared to the competitors?
  • Optimize URL, header, footer, title tags, content, and meta description

The best way to promote your page, brand, or services is through making your content SEO optimized. With SEO-optimized content with appropriate keywords, SERPs tend to push this relevant content to the customers. So, if you are having trouble with making such content, it is always good to take the help of marketing agencies or SEO service providers in Kolkata. 

Search engines like Google rely on local content, links, citation, social pages, to provide their users with the best possible local options. SEO service providers use local SEO to promote your business across these platforms and thus enhance your online presence.