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How do people earn money from Instagram

What was once a photo-sharing application has now turned into massive marketing and earning platform. With days, the term “influencer” is gaining popularity and for all the right reasons. It is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms and has gone up by several billion users very quickly. 

While most of the users maintain Instagram by themselves, for some, hiring or consulting with a social media marketing agency can give you that extra boost. 

With Instagram on the rise, small to large-scale businesses and even influencers are using this platform as a marketing tool to reach their targeted audience. But the question is, can you make money from Instagram? Well, the answer is YES! In fact, over time more people are engaging in Instagram marketing to sell their content. All you need are valuable content and creativity to take beautiful and engaging pictures. 

But before knowing how to earn money, first, let’s see what factors drive the process.

  • Target your niche and tie it with your product or content wisely. 

  • Quality over quantity. It doesn’t matter if you have 100k fake followers. What matters is the quality and how you interact with them.

  • The nature of revenue channels you delve into. 

Thus, even with a mere 1000 followers, he has the capacity to become the next social media influencer. All you need is to contact an advertising agency in Kolkata to do the needful. In this article, we list down some of the best-proven methods to earn money through Instagram. 

  • Sell your products on Instagram 

Instagram Shopping was launched back in 2016 with its tagging feature. But over time, this feature got enhanced. Nowadays, you can tag your products over Instagram stories and normal posts along with people finding you through search and explore the feature. Also, by hiring the best advertising agency in Kolkata you get to manage all your insights and check which product is popular, and plan your strategy accordingly. 

  • Build an integrated online shopping platform with Facebook

By creating a Facebook page, you can acquire more customer base. This feature is built to promote small businesses to sell things directly to the targeted audience. Thus, by integrating both Facebook and Instagram, you can increase your scope of earning money. 

  • Sponsored posts for brands

Digital marketing has led sponsors to invest in social influencers. So, if you have reached the influencer status, you can easily earn money through Instagram. Brands tend to partner with influencers that help them to spread the word about products. So, with a large number of followers, and posting and engaging with your followers regularly, can get you sponsored posts from leading brands. Thus, with the correct approach, brands will happily invest in you for marketing among your followers. 

  • Become an affiliate

You can also earn by becoming an affiliate for other brands and sell their product. In such a case, the affiliate gets a cut from the company. There is a thin line of difference between being an influencer and an affiliate. While an influencer only creates an awareness of a brand product, an affiliate sells the product on the brand’s behalf and in return receives a share. Just create engaging posts where people get to know that they can buy the product from the link in your bio. 

  • Creating and selling unique products

Consulting with a social media marketing agency can open new routes to earn from Instagram. Since Instagram is a photo-sharing application, clicking and posting beautiful and creative pictures will always get you your fame. You become a content creator and sell anything you think will attract the audience. So, whether you want to sell photographs, paintings, videos, or other virtual products, then Instagram is your route to make money. 

Instagram has become the new-age paradise of earning bucks. But it requires a lot of patience, commitment, and hard work. If you are willing to do it alone, then all good. But if not, several advertising agencies in Kolkata can help you with it. 

Step in this new-age form earning with a little help from experts. From designing the layout of your page to assisting you across the entire process to managing your profile for better marketing scope, social media marketing agencies can help you with all.